This is a manual on how to uninstall apphelper.exe on any computer without downloading any software.

  1. DO NOT download anything.
  2. Go to your file manager.
  3. Find the folder "Tencent" (on windows in the/one of the Program Files folder).
  4. Search inside for "Unins.exe" or "Uninst.exe" - exact name. Its not hard to find manually but search is faster.
  5. Double click the exe file and give the program permission.
  6. When it loads, click the LEFT button (its most probably in chineese).
  7. If another window ar interface (or anything) appears, click the LEFT (usually smaller, red, not filled in or less visible button) untill uninstall process begins.
  8. When done, double-check the task manager for any chineese program or any suspicious stuff. If there is any, repeat steps above.
  9. Go to the app folder location, right click the "Tencent" folder and if possible uncheck the "needs admin" or any simmilar line. If not possible, rename the folder and then try again, if still not possible, let it be.
  10. Go to any 'uninstall program' program (controll panel on win.) and delete all unknown programs that are from the same date.
  11. Done! (problem? sent email: